Payment / Shipping

We deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide. The delivery is discreetly packaged as a neutral package. Our shipping partner is DHL.

Within Germany, we also ship packages and goods to DHL Packstations. If you wish to have the delivery sent to a DHL Packstation, please enter the corresponding data as an additional, separate delivery address.

To ensure smooth delivery of your shipment and to allow DHL to contact you if needed, we will share your email address and phone number with DHL.

Shipping costs vary based on the shipping method, weight of the package, and destination country. After entering your address during the purchase process, you will be presented with available shipping options to choose from. This way, you have control over the amount of your shipping costs.

We charge returns within Germany at a rate of EUR 10,00. International returns will be invoiced individually.

If you live outside the European Customs Union, we will send your balloons without VAT. As a rule, customs clearance takes place in your country. In this context, the VAT applicable in your country will then usually be calculated and billed to you on the goods imported into your country. In addition, it may be that the country in which you live collects additional import duties for the goods you have ordered and will invoice you. Since all these costs vary from country to country and change irregularly, we unfortunately cannot tell you how high your additional costs will be when importing products from our webshop into a country outside the European customs union. If you want to be absolutely sure what additional costs you can expect, we recommend that you do research on the website of your customs authorities. We always declare the items ordered from us as toys. In the vast majority of countries, only very low import duties are levied.

In some cases, the shipping service provider you choose will automatically take care of customs clearance and will then invoice you for the VAT, additional import duties and a handling charge. The fees charged by the shipping service provider for its service are usually a combination of a basic fee, independent of the value of the goods and weight, as well as a fee based on the value of goods and the weight of your shipment. We cannot give you any information about these costs either, but we recommend that you find out more about the shipping service provider you choose to ship your balloons on the respective website.

If you live within the European Customs Union, the VAT applicable in Germany applies to your purchase and there are no further taxes.

The prices mentioned on the product pages include the applicable value-added tax and other price components.

You can choose from all common payment methods with us. amazonPay and PayPal provide you with the convenient option to complete your order with just one click, directly from the shopping cart. We will then ship to the address stored in your Amazon account or PayPal account. When using amazonPay or PayPal as payment methods, the well-known buyer protection naturally applies to your purchase with us as well.

For direct bank transfers to our business account at Stadtsparkasse Mönchengladbach, the IBAN is DE63 3105 0000 1004 0743 97, and the BIC is MGLSDE33.

If we do not receive payment within five days of receiving your order, your order will be automatically canceled.